October 3rd No Reserve Domain Auctions Four Letter .COMs Currently Under $250

Welcome to NoReserve.io.  Not enough good auctions today for a real list. Here are a few LLLL .com that are under $250 (and usually wouldn’t make the list) ending this week at no reserve.  Oh yeah there is a pretty nice 3 letter.com, SVG.com with reserve met ending at NJ tomorrow. Current bid is under $15k which is pretty much the floor for any quality LLL .com domain.

CVTP.com @Namepros – Prefer the V at beginning or with vowels

ZVBH.com & VZRB.com @Namepros – lot auction for both domains

Yalq.com @Namepros – Advertised as pronounceable

gQot.com @Namepros – Has a BIN $198

XLBV.com @Namepros – Xtra large..

VHFS.com @Godaddy  –  Don’t google it if you are planning to bid

LVTF.com @Godaddy  – Las Vegas TF

BKJV.com @Godaddy – Brooklyn JV

Xubg.com @Dropcatch – Currently under $100

HVHQ.com @Godaddy – HV headquarters

VHJC.com @Godaddy – Will be worth less when person who bought it gets it

GGLU.com @Namepros – Snuck on the list even though current bid $260


*Do your due diligence! Check for trademarks and understand domain market rules and processes before bidding.

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