October 11th No Reserve Domain Auctions ZSDS.com, Preli.com, StockWare.com, DirectRoot.com, GreenWise.com, PayAttention.com

Welcome to NoReserve.io.  Enjoy today’s list of no reserve/reserve met domain auctions.

ZSDS.com @Sedo

Iyip.com @Namepros

Good.to @Park.io

BotanicGarden.com @NameJet

WhatIsFear.com @NameJet

eJeans.com @NameJet

eDegrees.com @NameJet

Euphemism.com @NameJet

Outlet.eu @Sedo

GreenWise.com @Dropcatch

SkyCountry.com @Dropcatch

MojoDojo.com @Dropcatch

DevLog.com @Dropcatch

Daisin.com @Dropcatch

LeadCreative.com @Dropcatch

iHindu.com Godaddy

FieldSports.com @Godaddy

PayAttention.com @Godaddy

GJAS.com @Godaddy

iBikini.com @Godaddy

MySpices.com @Godaddy

DaaJ.com @Godaddy

AdBasics.com @Godaddy

StockWare.com @Godaddy

Browseable.com @Godaddy

DirectRoot.com @Godaddy

UltimateDance.com @Godaddy

Sarox.com @Godaddy

Preli.com @Godaddy

LocalDriver.com @Godaddy

Lashadas.com @Godaddy

TrainingFilm.com @Godaddy

SeoSeoSeo.com @Godaddy

ClassicModern.com @Godaddy

LegalFly.com @Godaddy

PriceValue.com @Godaddy

BreedingDogs.com @Godaddy

*Do your due diligence! Check for trademarks and understand expiring domain market rules and processes before bidding.

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